Dear customers,

Some tips and prohibitions to avoid unpleasant situations pay close attention to where you park your own rented vehicle, make sure there are no signs of prohibition before parking ask a transit officer or a local person if you can park in a certain area, especially in airports, be very careful.

There are many parking lots where you can leave your vehicle or what you have rented without incurring fines, etc. There can be any type of emergency (delays in flights, etc.), but until the end of the rental you are responsible for the rented vehicle . Never leave a vehicle in prohibited or unsafe areas, always make sure the vehicle is parked correctly!

It is forbidden to cross rivers with a rented vehicle (with us at least) even if the vehicle is 4X4 or 4X2, it is very dangerous, especially if you do not know the area, besides the insurance does not cover this type of situation so Therefore, any damage caused to the vehicle by driving irresponsibly is entirely the responsibility of the customer.

The rented vehicle is delivered to the customer in an impeccable external/internal cleaning condition. If possible, we ask that you return it under the same conditions. Otherwise, you will be charged for cleaning an additional fee that varies between $20 USD and $180 USD. Depending on the type of washing that we will have to present to the vehicle.

Smoking is prohibited in our vehicles. We also recommend that you avoid eating food or drinks inside the rental vehicle. Policy on the fuel: we usually deliver the vehicle with half full of fuel or something less, we kindly ask you to return it with the same amount to avoid additional charges in conclusion we ask the same respect you would have if the vehicle were yours.

Flooded vehicles can carry fines of up to $40.000 USD, for this reason we appreciate not risking putting the vehicle into rivers, lagoons, streams, streams, streets with too many holes, mountains too steep to overstress the vehicle, in these cases the insurer does not cover this type of negligence.

Roadside assistance will only be available on paved roads, in cases of no asphalt will be called a rescue and will have a previous charge of between $300 USD to $800 USD depending on the location.

Best regards and Good Trip!