Insurance coverage

All the vehicles in our fleet are insured with the best insurance company dedicated exclusively to the automotive sector, safe insurance. The insurance they have is full coverage, understood as the largest coverage that a car rental vehicle can have in Costa Rica, where any deductible (it is low but there is), is the renter. The one who tells him that in Costa Rica he covers 100% of the amount, he is lying to him.

What does it cover? Civil liability, third-party damage, own-vehicle damage, partial theft, total theft.

What does not cover? Damage less than $400 USD.

Exclusions from any coverage

The release of liability, insurance and coverage do not apply in the following cases:

  • Do not report to Aguaire Costa Rica the accident immediately after the event.
  • When the driver has any incident and is under the influence of alcohol, drugs.
  • When the vehicle is damaged and the driver is not authorized/inscribed in the rental agreement.
  • Damage of any kind caused by driving through rivers, lakes, beaches, mangroves, flooded roads or out of the way.
  • Failure to comply with legal and insurance claims processes with the insurance company, such as, but not limited to:
    • Report the accident to the Police
    • Report the accident and fill out the claim of the insurance company
    • Comply with any other legal requirements of the process

All vehicles have maximum coverage, which are:

CDW/LDW: Shocks, thefts or accidents to the vehicle.
LIS/SLI: Civil liability and material damages to third parties.
PAI: Driver and passengers in case of an accident.
RP: Road assistance (crane, tire replacement, battery, keys etc.).

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