Requirements & Reservation

Requirements for the rental of vehicles

  • Certificate/Passport;
  • License;
  • Guarantee deposit of only $500 USD.

Deposit in cash:
refundable at the end of the rent;
Deposit with credit/debit card: reimbursable in 5 business days;
The amount of the rent: if the client pays with credit card / debit there is a commission of $6.5% for administrative expenses.

Requirements to enter a reservation to the system

1. Photo of the two main passports where the personal data are (primary conductors).
2. Photo of the two licenses of primary drivers.
3. The prepayment of $20 USD of advance via PayPal or Transfer.
4. Contact phones.
5. Complete physical address.
6. Email.
7. Number of people in total.
8. Airline, flight of arrival, departure flight, time and day of arrival, time and day of departure.

To enter a reservation into the system, we will ask for $ 20 USD in advance, an amount that will guarantee both the vehicle and the rent through PayPal or transfer. In case of cancellation less than a week in advance, the client will have to pay a penalty of $20 USD.